A little bit more about The pH Factor

The pH Factor is dedicated to my Dad, Lee Fernandez.  He is truly one of the best people I have ever met. He has taught me what it means to be a good person and a good musician. I could write a novel about him (hey, maybe I will) but I will continue with the pH Factor and why it is dedicated to him.  

My Dad was a musician as well. And many of the songs I picked for this CD describe him or how I feel about him.  The Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode was arranged by Damian Espinosa our piano player.  Damian took a very popular song and created a version he could only call his own.  My Dad had this very outlook on life.  He didn’t always do what was popular but if it was, he usually changed it in a unique way to make his very own.  This is a trait I hope I carry.

There is a real playfulness on the song Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea.  My Dad was one of the funniest people I know.  He always made a joke of everything and he always had people rolling on the floor.  When we arranged this song, it reminded me how fun he made life. 

Interplay and Cast Your Fate To The Wind remind me how reflective my Dad was.  Even though everything was fun and funny, he had this contemplative side to him that made him multi-dimensional which I didn’t realize until later in my life. 

The name of the song title, You And The Night And The Music, always reminded me of my Dad because he was always playing in his band at night.  And I loved every minute of being his roadie back then.  There was something so exciting about being in the band and being out all night.  This version captures that excitement I felt.

Okay – I have one song that I just like.  It’s St. James Infirmary.  No matter who sings or plays this song – I love it.  I had a notion one day to add our version of a New Orleans dirge to this song.  I think my Dad would like this.

I know many of these songs have different original meanings but I gave them my own meanings as I think most of us do.  When I was a teenager, it was very cool for me to come home and talk with my Dad about whatever I did that day.  The song You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To captures that wonderful relationship I had with my Dad.  And Keri’s interpretation relates the warm feeling I get when I think of those times.

Finally, my Dad had one of the hottest Latin bands in Chicago.  We took Caravan and spun it into a stripped down version of a Guaguancó.  This is my tribute to him in that band.

Thanks to Bob, Damian, Keri and Chuck - we had a lot of fun playing this music and making this CD. I know my Dad is listening to it wherever he is and is probably making fun of me for something.  Don’t worry Dad – I’m laughing with you.


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